Our high-performance water proofing and Nano Ceramic thermal protection coatings are available through middle east network approved coating applicators, ensuring that our products are available wherever our customers need them. Organizations apply various coatings receive a high level of training and uphold an uncompromising quality standard, ensuring superior performance and consistency regardless of where or when they’re applied.


Our team works side by side with licensed coating applicators and leading OEMs, from Research & Development through application, to ensure that our coatings apply easily and as intended; we remain at our customers’ side throughout the duration of the product life cycle.

If you’re an representative, coating supplier or applicator interested in learning about how our technology coatings can extend the life cycle of your products, reduce warranty issues, and improve customer and end-user satisfaction.

Our customers know that when they partner with us, they’re supported by the industry’s leading technical experts and a team that works by their sides from R&D through the end of the life cycles of their products.

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