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Thermal Insulation -Heat Protection, Cold Protection, Noise Protection, Odor Protection, Environment, Fire Safe.

exterior and roof prevents approximately 95% of negative effects from the sun, which creates a favorable years environment for summer.

Phoenix Epoxy Seamless flooring.

Non-toxic One-Step Epoxy Flooring goes down without harsh chemicals and zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) so there are no harmful odors or need for special ventilation or respirators during installation and cure time.  One-Step Epoxy Flooring encapsulates cermaic tile, quarry tile, vinyl tile, linoleum, sheet vinyl and asbestos tile. One-Step’s installation process also eliminates the need for removal and remediation, reducing landfill waste.

Spray Polyurethane Foam & Polyurea Coating Systems.100% Pure.

An environmentally friendly home is a great benefit for builders, occupants, and the environment. Take an active role in helping reduce greenhouse gases, thus slowing the effects of global warming. By properly sealing a home the amount of oil that is needed to produce electricity and the carbon admitted into the environment is greatly reduced. Spray polyurethane foam insulation, because of its efficacy as an air sealer and waterproofing agent, has the potential to be a key component of the durability management strategy for a home. In addition to adding durability, spray foam contributes to projects' achievement of high levels of energy efficiency because of the high R-value per inch and the performance characteristics of foam.


Fiber cement Roof Tiles.

Corrugated sheets of fibre cement offer a perfect solution for high and steep roofs. A short sheet and big corrugation thereof allow forming the roof structure reminding of an classic S-shaped tile. Combination of the sheets and S-shaped barge boards, caps for ridges and edges embodies the most sophisticated and expressive creative visions resulting in amazingly attractive roofing structure and adding a smart touch to the roof on the whole